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The new jewel of technology for friends and family.

The Kineti philosophy
In setting up KINETI Technologies, we were looking for a different approach to the digital world. We made the conscious choice to focus on B2B, where the Digital Transformation is most strategic, where it has a real impact on business — and where too it can sometimes be hardest to implement.
All-in-one by Kineti
Here at Kineti Technologies, we have chosen a unique approach. This is ALL-IN-ONE by KINETI Technologies.

The idea of this concept is to offer a all in one turnkey solution to ease and speed up the digital transformation of our clients..

This solution include the touch furnitures (terminals, tables, totems), the softwares related to the uses, possibly some learning for the collaborators in charge of the solution, the updates and the maintenance of the hardware.

Therefor, our clients benefit from having only one specialist to guarantee the reliability of the solution over time.
K2 Touch Table
You can put a mug of coffee down? and still carry on working in touch-mode – after all, that is pretty much a basic requirement for a table!
It brings an unquestionably contemporary touch to your work environment. So much the better – everyone notices and appreciates something beautiful!
It’s very easy to get started with. Only to be expected: for us at Kineti, technology must adapt itself to people and not the other way round.
It allows you up to 40 touch points at once – that’s 3 times more than an i-Pad. Everyone goes faster and so does your business.
It incorporates software appropriate to your activity. Obviously, we’ll be there for you at each update. But then you already knew that...
Connect to the world
It can be networked with other tables or devices anywhere else. It’s never been so convenient to work together at a distance.
It’s a well-known fact that in France we are very keen on the table and everything relating to it! So when we developed ours, we wanted it to be as attractive as possible and for people to enjoy sitting at it. Logical!
K2 Table is going to revolutionize the way you work.
Our others touch funitures



An “unbreakable” touch-screen surface

A fluid, responsive, multi-touch screen

Requires no recalibration

Made in France

Numerous sizes
All in one solutions by Kineti
For real estate agents
K-IMMO Solution
The revolution in real estate agent business.

A disruptive solution to escort real estate agents in their main targets:
• increase its traffic in agency and reduce its cost of acquisition
• have wonderful 360° pictures which enable the customer to know immediately if the good is of interest or not
• improve and modernize its image 
• have an integrated process to integrate goods and CRM
• differentiation 
• improve massively their profits
• get in motion for big data

This solution is a no brainer for real estate agents as it is beneficial to all parties: real estate agent, buyers, sellers, renters...
For realty promoters
Realty Digital Solution
The revolution in the realty business

Digitize instantly the customer path in sales office.

Increase your transformation rate

Gather more information about your prospects and clients

Get ready for big data

ontact us
Arnaud Fontaine
Microsoft Business Development Manager
Microsoft has been working with Kineti Technologies for almost 3 years now, with several highly satisfactory experiences for numerous different customer projects. Kineti Technologies has developed unique know-how in terms of creativity and responsiveness to its customers’ constraints and needs through the solutions it offers and the quality of its products.
We have made a lasting commitment alongside Kineti Technologies. To this end, we strongly recommend this young company to anyone seeking to undertake projects in the field of interactive touch-screens, whether it is for their advice, their hardware, or their software solutions.
2014: Innovation award from Réseau Entreprendre 

2014: National exemplary and innovative business award  from the Jeune Chambre Economique Française 

2014: Kineti Technologies was selected as one of the 200 most promising projects  to take part in the 'Osons la France, les 200 bâtisseurs' show at the Grand Palais in Paris 

2015: One of the 10 European finalists in the EIT Digital challenge

2016: Platinium award (highest rank) of the world innovation competition organized by Publicis amongs 3500 projects
Bertrand Chabot
Director of new audiovisual solutions, GL EVENTS
Kineti Technologies has developed outstanding software in terms of simplicity of use and customization of interactive touch-screen applications for our customers. We are delighted to be able to offer this solution to GL EVENTS customers, who benefit from an exceptional price compared to 'tailor-made' applications. We are frequently congratulated by our customers following the events we organize. Moreover, our customers regularly choose to adopt the solution within their own company for their exhibitions, showrooms, and with their sales forces.

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